All The Knowledge You Need To Configure Microsoft 365 Properly 

Learn all of the hints, tips, tricks and best practices used every day by Microsoft Consultants. From initial deployment and data migration right through to advanced security configuration and how to make your life easier with Endpoint Manager and Windows Autopilot.

What's included?

Microsoft 365 Best Practices for IT Tech and MSPs

Advanced configuration and security guidance using best practices from people who do this every day for a living.

No training courses here, this is how to actually get stuff done quickly!


Save Time

No long-winded lectures, our Masterclass is a goldmine of rapid solutions you implement right now!

Made by IT Techs

Our hands-on team deliver real M365 projects, we continually update the Masterclass based on real-world implementations.

Packed full of content

Our Masterclass has Videos, Powershell scripts, Baseline templates - everything you need to implement changes TODAY.

Who are you guys and what will I get out of this Masterclass? 

The team at Cloud Nexus are Microsoft 365 expert consultants. All day every day we are delivering solutions for customers, IT teams and MSPs.

We recognised that we get many of the same questions over and over again because M365 keeps changing and it can be hard to keep up.

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Secure Microsoft 365

There are over 50 security controls in Microsoft 365 but they are not enabled by default. See how to secure Identity, Email, Files and Teams.

Windows Autopilot

Stop doing manual builds or gold image servers, see how EASY it is to get up and running with Autopilot in minutes.

Endpoint Manager

See how to configure Device Polices, Windows Policies, App Policies in just a few clicks following along with our best practice guidance.

Secure Identities

Learn the fastest way to implement MFA, deploy ready-built Conditional Access Policies and easily secure business data across company and personal devices.

Crafted by Microsoft Experts

Access our entire library of material specifically designed for busy IT professionals. We know you don't always have time for long-winded courses which is why we created the Masterclass just for you.

What's included?

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