Learn how to set Microsoft 365 up securely. Learn from the experts and take action TODAY to protect your business data.

Are you a busy IT tech who has to deal with Microsoft 365?

Watch this.


Is this you?

Struggling to keep up with security, licences & portals in Microsoft 365

Worried that cyber attacks are on the rise and your business might be at risk

Don't know what "good" looks like when it comes to Microsoft 365 security
Yep, that's me...

Imagine knowing you’ve set up Microsoft 365 to be bulletproof. 


What if there was a team of expert Microsoft consultants who could give you all the answers you need?... and didn’t cost a fortune

Imagine if you had a blueprint for security on Microsoft 365.

A set of best practices for you to follow that would give your confidence that your business is protected.

A team of experts who show you exactly what to press and WHY in all those different Microsoft portals. 

You could relax knowing that your business and all your users are safe

Stop worrying that you don’t know where you are when it comes to Microsoft security and have confidence that you have set everything up correctly.

Just think of all the time you’ll save searching for answers and experimenting with changes... unsure if they'll even work.

I want to set up Microsoft 365 properly!

We get it. We’ve made this just for you.


You're not on your own. In fact, Masterclass was built by expert Microsoft consultants specifically for busy IT professionals.

We know that you don't have time for hours of watching videos, reading endless tech articles. Or spending days on a course which is designed to help you pass an exam.

In fact let’s be 100% clear:

Masterclass is not a training course

It’s a collection of best practices to configure and secure Microsoft 365

You need fast solutions so you can get the job done and get on with your day. That’s why we’ve made it easy.

Our videos are usually 5 minutes long. We show you exactly what to configure in the Microsoft portals and explain why.

With over 100 videos, plus supporting documents, scripts hints and tips you can get everything setup in record time.

Masterclass is filled with the best practices used every day by Microsoft Consultants like you. It’s consistently updated when there are changes and with Microsoft 365, that happens a lot.

You can be confident that you’re getting the latest advice from a trusted team, who do this every day for clients and IT companies all over the world.

I want to sign up!

Psst... Check out this bonus!

Expert Monthly Ask Me Anything Sessions

Every month we get two of our best and brightest on a call for an hour and you can ask them anything!


Valued at $250 per month

Over $20,000 of value

We're not kidding....

If you brought in a consultant just to set up Intune, you'd be looking at around $3500. That's just one of the eight modules that you'll get. We know, because that's our day job.

We run a Microsoft focussed consultancy business, which is our primary income. Masterclass is our way of sharing our experience. We are passionate about making it accessible to the wider IT community.

🚀     Over 100 how-to videos 

🚀     Ready to go Powershell Scripts

🚀     Documented Baseline policies 

🚀     Best practice advice 

🚀     Continual updates as Microsoft 365 changes 

🚀     Access to our private Github repository

🚀     Unlimited Access for up to 5 Technicians

Get me signed up!

What's in it for me?

A one-stop resource for Microsoft 365 solutions at your fingertips. Created by expert Microsoft consultants who deliver projects for clients every day. 

All the changes and updates we experience in live deployments are poured into Masterclass so you can:

Save Time

No long-winded lectures, our Masterclass is a goldmine of rapid solutions you implement right now!

Secure Microsoft 365

There are over 70 security controls in Microsoft 365 but they are not enabled by default. See how to secure Identity, Email, Files and Teams.

Secure Identities

Learn the fastest way to implement MFA, deploy ready-built Conditional Access Policies and easily secure business data across company and personal devices.


Get Rapid Solutions

Our Masterclass has Videos, Powershell scripts, Baseline templates - everything you need to implement changes today.

Learn Windows Autopilot

Stop doing manual builds or gold image servers, see how easy it is to get up and running with Autopilot in minutes.

Learn Intune Endpoint Manager

See how to configure Device Polices, Windows Policies, App Policies in just a few clicks following along with our best practice guidance

Get real world insight from experts

Made by professionals for professionals. Our hands-on team deliver Microsoft 365 projects. Then we update Masterclass based on real-world implementations

Is this for me?

Masterclass is for you if

✓    You work with Microsoft 365 as part of your role

✓    You aren’t 100% sure what good security looks like in Microsoft 365

✓    You don’t have time for long-winded courses

✓    You want quick answers

   You don’t have a huge budget for IT training

This program isn’t for you if

   You are not a hands-on IT administrator

✘    You are looking for a structured training course to pass an exam




If you're an IT Admin who works with Microsoft 365 in your business or you support clients with Microsoft 365, then Masterclass is for you.

This is for me!

What's included?

Our team continually add to the library within Masterclass, but here's a look at what's been added so far.

Best practice configuration of:

Azure Active Directory Security 🚀
Azure Virtual Desktop 🚀 
Endpoint Manager 🚀
Exchange 🚀
🚀 Powershell
🚀 SharePoint and OneDrive 
🚀 Teams 
🚀 Teams Enterprise Voice
I want to see more!

So, how much does this cost?

$49/per month

Per Organisation

  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • No long term commitments!

Your money back guarantee! 


If you’re not entirely satisfied with Masterclass in your first month then we’ll cancel your subscription, refund any money you’ve paid and call it quits. No questions asked.

Buy now!